Just putting this out there. Who would be interested in pre-ordering these if it meant you got it a lot cheaper than you can on your own? Here’s how it would work: If I order 10 at one time, you pay $185 per radio, If I order 50 at one time, you pay $165 per radio, the more I order at one time the cheaper. The cheaper it is the less it costs you So, 10 people order and pay up front, I place the order once we reach 10 and send radios out when I get them. This would be done thru my company site as a co-op. These are basically cellular phones that operate like radios, you have to have a sim card with LTE service to use them. They are $250 – $300 Each normally. Let me know if you are interested. Feel free to share post

Radio Tone RT4 4G/LTE WiFi (Android unlocked)
The Radio-Tone RT4 is the state-of-the-art in Android POC Radio. The RT4 is a very robust Motorola-style radio, with a lasting 4600mAh battery. This network radio is fully compatible with the In…
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November 21, 2018 at 03:04AM

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