Greer SC bounty on a hunch

We just got back from a road trip to Greer SC. We even slept in the “bounty hunter hotel”. The trip went well. 36 hours with very little sleep, a little over 1000 miles round trip.

We were acting on a hunch that our guy was living with his mom in SC, so we went there. With 3 days left to pay the bond and no luck with phone contact it was our last resort. Had we not gone it would have cost $2300 for sure to pay the bond, had we gone and not been successful it would have cost $2300 + expenses for the trip. That’s why experienced bondsmen make these choices and sometimes with nothing more than a hunch. Not all hunches pay off but since this one did, we saved the $2300 and are only out the expense for the trip. ROUGHLY $250

People wonder why bail bonding works, well that’s why. See, a police department will not bring someone back from 8 hours away to face their charges on a misdemeanor charge in our state. They have no incentive to do so. A bondsman will because it costs less in gas to make the trip than to pay the bond off. That’s the whole point in the bonding system. Not to keep poor people in jail but to make sure that the accused see their day in court.

When we arrived in SC we did what we normally do. We let the police know that we were there. We did a drive by on the address to size it up then we came up with a plan of approach. As an added layer of protection we tried to contact a local bonding company so that we would have a SC licensed agent with us although that’s not required by SC law. Much to my disappointment, out of 7 companies called, only 1 answered the phone and she would not give us her bounty hunter’s name or # because “he only hunts on weekends and he’s busy with my files” and “that bond wouldn’t be big enough for him to fool with”. So, that’s the kind of help we get from other companies more often than not. Another company called me back after seeing a missed call and I explained what we needed and he said he would call me back and never did. All we really wanted was an agent to spend 15 minutes of their time to be there when we knocked on the door and/or to let us know what to expect out of local law enforcement if they got involved. Ironically the local LE was way nicer and more helpful than our “fellow bondsmen”.

We decide to go ahead and make contact at the mothers address. A young girl and young man come to the door and tell us that they haven’t seen him in a “while” (teen speak for 3 hours) but they did put me on the phone with his mother. After a short and pleasant conversation, the mother let me know that we are welcome to come by any time but he doesn’t live there he just comes by off and on. She also told us that he didn’t have a phone and she had no way to get in touch with him. Hmmm, OK anyway. Once we made the choice to knock on that door we eliminated the element of surprise but it was a chance I was willing to take. We leave and do some driving around and looking for him to be walking around and hanging out with no luck. So, we decide to go get some food and sleep in our “bounty hunter hotel”. Once we get settled, I get an urgent call over the radio from the office. I say “go ahead” and words that don’t often come over the radio were “ I just got off the phone with your guy, he’ll be at his mom’s house waiting for you when he gets off at 8:00”. WOW, that doesn’t happen often. Apparently “somebody” was able to get a hold of him. So, it’s like noon and we have 8 hours to kill. We decide to go into Greenville and visit Palmetto State Armory, while we’re there we get to watch half the staff run out the front door and take down a shoplifter. Then we checked out all the cool gear and grabbed some patches and t-shirts for the memory. We go from there to see a waterfall in town where we played with some random dogs that a couple had that were just running around. Then we had dinner at Smoke On The Water which by that time exhaustion prevented me from being able to eat but it looked good in front of us. By the time we were finishing dinner it was after 8:00 so I called our guy (on that phone that he didn’t have) and sure enough he was at his mom’s waiting.

We arrived at his moms to find about a dozen guys in the driveway hanging out a drinking. Of course my thoughts are, this could be a set up. But regardless, we were there now. I get out of the van and ask, who’s ********. He spoke up immediately and said “I’m right here”. He hugged and said by to everyone and we loaded up into the van no cuffs no fuss and head on down to Mississippi. I had chosen not to show up at the guys house in full battle rattle as to not embarrass him since he was doing the right thing. In fact, I wasn’t wearing anything to Indicate what I was or why I was there. So when his friends asked where he was going, he just said he had to go handle some business. He can tell them if he wants on his terms later.

Our guy was an interesting, intelligent and pleasant guy. He wasn’t a bad guy but he made no apology for who he was and the life he lives. We had some very interesting and entertaining conversation on the way back. When I dropped him off at the police department, we shook hands and he thanked me for being straight with him.

I hope that one day he finds his path to success without the illegal ways of getting there but none the less he’s a grown man and is well aware of the risks. We had a successful hunt and he gets to move past this chapter his life. We even got to have breakfast with a long time friend that I met in person for the first time while we were there.

I thought I would share this story about how cool this job CAN be but also show how a little honesty and respect can go a long way. I hope you enjoyed it. Check out the pictures of the trip and of the “bounty hunter hotel” below.

I love what I do!

Bail bonding isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!

Welcome to the BenTheBondsman Blog

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This is something that I have thought about doing for a long time but I had to learn a lot about blogging and how to use WordPress before I could get started. Im excited to announce that I have the site fully functional now and will be posting regularly.

I will be posting stories of some of my more interesting situations along with educational topics and opinions on current events.

I hope you enjoy and please let me know if there is anything you want to see. Please follow my blog and lets see where this adventure goes!

How to get your foot in the door as a bounty hunter

This is the most common issue that I’m asked about. There are people out there that want to do this job very badly but just don’t know how to go about it. I get private messages and emails from people regularly asking if I know where they can turn to find a job as a bounty hunter but the truth is, I wouldn’t refer someone that I didn’t know. So, my short answer is always, just keep looking.

That may seem like a heartless approach but there is a reason. Bail bonding can be a very dog eat dog business. If you need somebody to hand you a job then you may not have the skills that are needed to do the job. Not to sound callous but most agents in this industry are very self-sufficient. Most people that are good at this job think out of the box. There’s nothing wrong with needing a hand up but if you are coming with no experience and no related history it may be better that you weren’t referred.

I have a friend that works as a PI, whenever he’s looking to pick up a new and lucrative client, he seeks out a case and presents it to the potential client, which is usually a law firm. Often times he solves a problem that the client didn’t even know they had. This method has proven to be very effective for him. He doesn’t always get the client but he almost always gets paid for the information the he has. Don’t miss understand, I’m not suggesting that you go out and start catching people without being hired to do so, that would be dangerous and irresponsible, it’s simply an example of out of the box thinking. I would be willing to bet though, if you asked any bondsman who all they are looking for and were able to locate and report back to the bondsman where a few of the people are, I bet it wouldn’t take long before they started hiring you and training you. This is just one way that I would go about getting into the industry.

You need to have something to bring to the table. If not a special skill then at least a tangible skill that adds to the value of the company or team. That’s skill may be the gift of gab. You may be able to talk information out of people that others cant. You may be exceptionally good at digging info up on the internet. Figure out what you are good at and present it to a potential employer as an asset. One of the biggest assets in my opinion is someone that is rooted in the community and knows who is who. The more diverse a team or company is, the more successful they are and the more value they have. You should be able to add to that value.

All of that aside. Most people glamorize this job because of what they perceive that we do on a daily basis. They watch a tv show, a movie or “reality” tv on bounty hunters and think that it would be a cool job. Don’t get me wrong, it is a cool job but its not as action packed and  hi speed as you might think it is. But, that’s a story for another article.

If you are really determined to get into this line of work, be persistent, get licensed and find someone to hire you. I once had an employee that got hired because he called me once a week and asked me if I had an opening yet. He called me for 2 months and I gave him a chance simply because he was persistent. He wound up being an awesome employee until he had some major health issues and had to stop working.

Getting a job in this field is really no different than any other.

1. Have something to bring to the table

2. Show ambition

3. Be persistent

With those 3 things, you can get into any career field.

Good luck on your search!

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