2018-02-09 01.12.30I got into the bail bonding business as a freelance bounty hunter, my partner had quite a bit of experience in the field and started teaching me the ropes. It wasnt long before we had a  box full of files from almost every bonding company in the area. We were making 2 – 5 arrests every night, the companies could barely afford to keep up paying us. Once the bounty hunting work slowed down, I got a soliciting license and started making the majority of my money writing bonds and equally enjoyed that part of the job, I got pretty good at them both. Soon I was managing a bonding office for a guy that  I worked with in another company, after a few years of that I decided to open my own company and have been my own boss since.


I started making YouTube videos to try and relay some of my experiences to the people that don’t know about this industry but now I find myself trying to educate and help agents in the business old and new. As our industry comes under attack from all angles by people that are looking for someone to blame for a broken criminal justice system, it comes down to people like me, the experienced, to teach agents how to be smart, safe and professional as they go forward and represent their companies and our industry.



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